THIS!! BEWARE of the White Flaggers!

THIS!!! BEWARE of the White Flaggers!

I’m going in on this right now because a comment like this is one that REALLY makes my blood boil.

This was commented by a mother to me on one of my recent Facebook posts and I thank this woman for the inspiration for today’s Blog Post!

I can’t NOT address these “White Flaggers” and it’s the perfect time to do so.

So what is a “White Flagger?”

These are people who have already given up on themselves, their kids, and your kid(s).

Plain and simple.

This mother (who made the comment above) has clearly given up on her child, hence not only the harsh reaction to my post but also the tone and intent of her post.

She is a mother who is clearly in pain yet has “thrown the towel in” when it comes to the believe that growth and profess can be made for her child.

When you have a mindset that is defeated, in victim mode, and is debilitated by such thoughts of course no positive future is in sight.

Without a doubt, being a mother to a child with special needs, can be incredibly challenging… AND it can be incredibly REWARDING.

And it all has to do with your thoughts, beliefs and as a result, the ACTION that you take, as the parent of your child.

Now, disclaimer here:

You will come in contact with mothers such as this. And let’s face it, misery loves company, right?

So when mothers like this one bring their energy, their mindset, their beliefs, and their misery to your front door, it doesn’t mean you have to let them in.

We have to make sure that you GUARD THE DOOR TO YOUR MIND because if you’re here then your mission is that of healing your child as much as possible.

Like quicksand, “White Flaggers” take you under … and they certainly don’t help move you (or your child) forward.

That’s what I’m here for.

Again, BEWARE of the White Flaggers!

Thank you for letting me rant today!


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