Autism Diagnosis, Now What?

Learn My Step By Step Blueprint Of How I Took My Autistic 2 Year Old Daughter From Non Verbal To A Chatty 8yr Old In A 2nd Grade Integrated Class With Typical Peers.

I did it for my daughter and show my clients how to do the same for their children!

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My Mission

I help Autism Parents of Toddlers who are Non Verbal to start Communicating AND Potty Train – GUARANTEED!

I do what I do because I wish I had a BOSS like me to help me when my daughter was diagnosed. I became that Champion to get my daughter where she is today, and have helped hundreds of Mothers and their Autistic Children thrive because of it.

What Moms are Saying

I recently worked with Michelle and I honestly wished I would of done it sooner. When my son was diagnosed on the spectrum I felt lost and I didn’t want to accept it. I always knew there was something going on with him and I fought so long and hard for services for him. Now they diagnosed him on the spectrum and it was tough to accept. Talking to Michelle helped me understand how to help my son!​


I recently worked with Michelle and it was hands down the best investment I ever made. My child was diagnosed on the spectrum and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. My social circle and even extended family haven’t had to go through this and I felt so alone and as if nobody understood what I was going through. Michelle absolutely knew. She helped me to show up fully for my child and myself.

Lorraine Michaels

Since the moment we met Michelle, she has literally had us hitting the ground running! She is quick to help get us signed up with the right teachers, the right therapies, social groups for our daughter. She is always there to listen, be supportive, but also knows exactly when to push. This is HARD! And having someone like Michelle in our corner is making a very difficult situation more doable.

Elizabeth Mateer

How I Got Mary's 7 Year Old Son Potty Trained and Out Of Diapers for Good!

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