Do IEP Meetings – Like a Boss!

Do IEP Meetings – Like a Boss!

A client that I was coaching mentioned to me a few weeks ago how she spent 2 hours in a CSE meeting and didn’t get what she needed.

“2 Hours???” I said

“Yea and we just went in circles and I didn’t get what I wanted”

So I told her “You didn’t get anywhere because you kept the meeting going too long.”

The problem is when you walk into a meeting and you’re the one with the “ASK” you lose all your leverage when you get greedy. Not greedy in asking for services you truly believe your child needs, but greedy in not respecting people’s time.

This is business for them, personal to you.

This fight to get our kids what they need to thrive is always always a marathon never a sprint. If you need to enter a CSE meeting with the “ASK” then you need to be prepared to work a case towards it. AND you can’t think you’re working a case towards it in one LONG meeting.

They do several of these meetings a day and if they go past an hour, it’s infringing on their scheduling, which means their day is now getting longer, which means their patience with you is getting shorter.

Remember the phrase “Marathon, not a Sprint” whenever you’re heading into a meeting with the “ASK”.

Be prepared to close the space between what you want vs. what they are offering, and make sure that you are leaving as friends and not being perceived as the TIME SUCK Mom.

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