Ep3 – Michelle’s Big 3

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Welcome back to the Autism Mommy’s Potty Talk Podcast, hosted by Michelle, an autism mom and dedicated life coach. In this episode, Michelle delves into the crucial foundational skills that can lead children with autism towards greater independence.

Michelle emphasizes the necessity of focusing on children’s genuine needs when first diagnosed. Drawing wisdom from mentors like Temple Grandin and Mary Barbara, she sheds light on the transformative power of these skills.

Among the foundational skills, potty training takes center stage as an essential step towards independence. Michelle underscores its non-negotiable role in enhancing the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Michelle shares stories of triumph over challenges, exemplifying the remarkable progress that determined individuals can achieve. She counters the misconception that autism is a barrier to success, highlighting inspiring cases of achievement within the autism community.

Communication emerges as the second foundational skill. Michelle explores its power in fostering connections and relationships, recounting the heartwarming experience of introducing sign language to her daughter, Juliana.

The episode concludes by addressing the importance of managing aggression and the critical need to focus on the top three skills—potty training, communication, and behavior—within Michelle’s program.

Listeners are encouraged to explore Michelle’s free 10-minute video training, offering valuable insights into these foundational skills. Join Michelle on this transformative journey, aimed at empowering children with autism to unlock their full potential.

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