My child has Autism

My child has Autism vs My child is Autistic

One of the coaches on my team had a conversation with a client regarding how she would share with family members on her upcoming trip home that her son was diagnosed on the spectrum. (With her permission I’m writing this email to share her story as I’m sure you can relate, too) 

She’s been playing in her head different scenarios on how to present to her family this news and she said that she prefers to say that her son has Autism rather than saying her son is Autistic

When asked why she said that it felt better to her. Yes, he has Autism but autism doesn’t define him. 

And here’s how I look it. 

You can say that your child has Autism and I can see how it creates space for you to digest it. It allows you to see that your child has it and like our client said, it doesn’t define your child. Autism can ONLY define your child if you let it. Saying it this way allows for growth and evolution on the spectrum toward a life of independence. Which, isn’t that the goal? 

On the flipside, I can see how saying your child is Autistic can have a fixed, locked in feeling to it. As though it may never evolve or grow outside of what it may be as it presents itself today. 

Either way I want to share my stance on this. I believe that the more we can see Autism as neutral, the more we can allow for growth, period. 

However it lands for you to share your story, it lands. 

It doesn’t change the fact that your child has Autism and will be Autistic because there is no cure.

What I do know is that how you define your child’s Autism means MORE than how you share it with others. 

That’s what determines their future. 



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