Ep1 – Should You be Fighting for a Neurodivergent Accepting World?

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Welcome to the Autism Mommy’s Potty Talk Podcast, where Michelle, a devoted mother and life coach, shares insights on potty training, communication, and behavior management for children with autism. In this first episode, Michelle draws from her personal journey of raising her own child with autism and offers practical strategies for parents and caregivers.

Michelle emphasizes the importance of acquiring essential life skills such as potty training and effective communication. She discusses the significance of investing in teaching these skills to children with autism to ensure their success in the world.

The podcast introduces free monthly workshops by ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) that support parents of children with autism. Michelle highlights the need to empower children with skills instead of solely relying on changing external factors.

Through relatable anecdotes, Michelle encourages parents not to give up and underscores the power of communication in enhancing the lives of children with autism. She shares success stories and emphasizes the role of consistency.

Practical advice is given for managing challenging behaviors like screaming in response to “no.” Michelle suggests strategies like setting timers to ease transitions and introducing concepts of time.

The episode touches on teaching communication skills and the step-by-step process to achieve fluency. Michelle’s insights on understanding behavior functions offer guidance for addressing specific issues like escaping and screaming.

The podcast concludes by addressing biting behavior and offers effective solutions. Michelle’s episode sets the stage for an informative series, inviting parents, caregivers, and advocates to join her in supporting the development and well-being of children with autism.

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