The one POWER all Mommies have but hardly use…

The one POWER all Mommies have but hardly use…

So today I want to talk about your GUT. Not your belly, your love handles, or your intestines, I’m not talking about a body part but a POWER that every Mommy has and that’s your Mommy Gut!

I remember a time when we were assigned a new BCBA from the agency we were receiving ABA from. For the first few months, it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I could never get comfortable with this person. My Mommy Gut was letting off sirens, and they were slowly getting louder and louder as time went on trying to tell me this was NOT the right fit.

If your Mommy Gut is still something you are trying to hear, let me share a few of my warning signs…

-My daughter was not excited when she came to the home

-The demands applied were met with CRAZY resistance from my daughter

-I don’t think I would have a relationship with this person at all outside of her being assigned to work with my daughter.

So why didn’t I listen to my gut?

Well…. I didn’t trust myself. 

-I am not a teacher

-I have no special education background

​So, who am I to question this therapist or her methods?

So I let this continue a few months more than it should have, and after one MAJOR ARGUMENT about my daughter’s placement in a classroom I felt she had outgrown – that was it. My Mommy Gut, she turned to a RAGING BI@#(#! and I snapped out of it in that moment.

What was I allowing this person to do here?

I AM HER MOTHER! No one knows my daughter better than me. No teacher, no expert, no doctor NO ONE.

There is a time to take advice and there is a time to pause and listen to your own intuition and this was one of those times.

​So out she went, and in came one of the most WONDERFUL FABULOUS BCBA we’ve ever worked with, and I never looked back! Had I not FINALLY listened to my Mommy Gut, who knows where we would have been, and because I did, we got an awesome gift of a new teacher in return.

So TRUST that MOMMY GUT! She always knows best!

That’s the one POWER all Mommies have but hardly use…

Till next time!

Michelle xoxo

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