Ep8 – All About Poop

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Welcome to the “Autism Mommy’s Potty Talk” podcast.

I’m Michelle Rogers, an autism mom and life coach, specializing in assisting parents of non-verbal children with autism to navigate the journey of communication and potty training.

In this episode,  after discussing breaking down potty training into multiple segments in the last podcast, today I’m dedicating this episode to tackling the challenges of teaching your child to handle poop separately.

Much like my recent experience of potty training my cats, I’ve come to appreciate the value of patience and commitment in achieving long-term goals.

The same principles apply when training children on the autism spectrum.

The gradual process involves assessing your child’s abilities, focusing on small wins, and understanding the sensory differences between pee and poop. Remember, it’s all about building a strong foundation for successful potty training, just like my endeavor with my cats.

So, let’s delve into the specifics of poop training and how it fits into our comprehensive potty training plan.

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