Ep 35 – Potty Power Bootcamp Q&A

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Hey everybody, Michelle here and I want to apologize. It’s been a while since I’ve been podcasting. 


We’ve been so busy. We have so many new families that have joined the champions for our children masterclass, and my new membership next level autism. So if you guys ever want any information on that, you can always email me at michelle@michellebrogers.com. 


But today’s episode is actually an excerpt from a workshop I just recently did. I think one of the most important things as parents of children with autism is that we try a lot of things. And a lot of things that we try might not work and we get very frustrated. And then sometimes we believe, because we’ve been socially conditioned, that the autism diagnosis may make it that our child can’t learn. 


I don’t believe that. But because we might have that kind of playing in the back of our heads, we may start and stop things like potty training or teaching our kids how to communicate or stop problem behavior. 

So I think one of the more powerful things that I can share with you is kind of hearing everything that you’ve tried and understanding why you think it hasn’t worked and then actually tell you why it hasn’t worked and give you a path forward.


So this podcast episode is dedicated to doing just that you’re going to hear me coaching spas parents, who are who were brave enough to come forward on this webinar to allow me to hear their stories. Hear what they’ve tried, it’s gonna it’s gonna you know, you know tug at your heartstrings but once I once you see me coaching them, or you hear me coaching them through this, I hope it brings clarity for you too. So sit back listen and enjoy and I hope to speak with you soon. Ostia that squares I’m going to bring you up so what’s going to happen guys your screen is going to blank, you’re going to come up as a panelist and I want to hear all about your baby and let’s get let’s get to coaching  


P.S.  if you’re ready to get help teaching your child with autism how to potty train, talk, or stop problem behaviors.  This is what I do.  Book a Complimentary Consultation Call to see if you’re a good fit to work with me in my program.

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