Are You Entitled?

Are You Entitled?

Are You Entitled?

Entitlement It’s this absolute bullshit mentality of many parents of children with Autism…and I’m guilty of it too.

We’ve endured rude comments of strangers and the blatant stares of their children.​

We feel entitled to be assholes because we were dealt a shit hand.

We didn’t have to give because we have to live with this.​

We are bitter that others don’t have to deal with this and we do.

We lose our shit when people don’t understand what we and our children need for accommodations.​

….because we have entered “The Entitlement Club” where we are pissed the seas don’t part for us.

​We wallow in the “woe is me.”​
Think about all the time and energy these thoughts waste.​
​Think about the lack of action they have you take in favor of improving your child’s future​

Entitlement is a useless waste of energy and time, a currency we can’t afford to waste. And no one on the planet has the right to feel it, no matter how hard their life is.

​We can make the mistake of expecting the world to bend to our children no matter what, but by doing so we are robbing our children of the future we promised to give them before we entered this club. And while we roll in our shit we have zero energy to do what matters most, making any effort to equip our children to live in the world.​

As Autism Parents we’ve been through it all, but the longer I stayed in this space the more I was robbing Julianna of her future.​
​I don’t want that for her or for you.​

The hard truth of it all is we are no better than anyone else – even with having to deal with Autism

​The key to this hand is the journey we “choose” to take with it.​Do we throw our hands up and fold?​
​Or do we stick it out fulfilling the promise to be the best parents we could be before we entered the club?​

​Whatever you decided know this loud and clear:​

Nobody is coming to save you or your child.​

​It has to be you.​

​Choose wisely.​


P.S. – Are you sitting there worried you’re not going to be able to help your child with Autism? This is what I help parents with. I help parents look at their child and feel confident they can change things for them.​ Book a Call to Learn More about this program!

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