Where do you fall on the failure spectrum?

Where do you fall on the failure spectrum?

Where do you fall on the failure spectrum?

Listen, I’m not going to sugar coat this (I mean, when do I ever?)

​​As parents, we can feel like failures. Especially having a child with Autism, we can feel like a failure more often than not.

I’m also going to drop a truth bomb…. As humans, failure is inevitable. There is no perfection.

We are going to fail.

What I want to talk to you about today is HOW YOU FAIL.

Do you anticipate failure and expect it, learn from it, and GROW from it so you can continue to help your child make that forward momentum toward the results you want to see?

Or do you expect failure so you don’t even try to change yourself or your child because you fear that change won’t even happen anyway?

Do you ever think: “Autism is a death sentence so what’s the point? Why try to change the diagnosis and fail trying? “

Or do you try so hard yet FEAR failure that you live in a chronic state of fear of failure for your child that you go, go, go and make yourself sick worrying that you don’t live your life out of fear of failing your child?

Where do you fall on the failure spectrum?


Meaning, I expect it, anticipate it, and don’t allow that inner critic to take me down.

I show up, take action and learn to pivot and move forward for the greater good for myself, my family, and my daughter.

This is how she’s gotten where she is today because I’ve allowed myself to fail … FORWARD.

I encourage you to do the same.



P.S. – Are you sitting there worried you’re not going to be able to help your child with Autism? This is what I help parents with. I help parents look at their child and feel confident they can change things for them.​ Book a Call to Learn More about this program!

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