The Day I Was Blindsided

The Day I Was Blindsided

The Day I Was Blindsided

Maybe your family member said to you “Wow she’s quite why isn’t she talking more?”

Maybe your pediatrician said, “I think your child should be evaluated.”

Or maybe YOU noticed regression happening with your child but you were in denial, not wanting to believe something is wrong.

… and then it came out of nowhere.

You were blindsided.

When the diagnosis officially comes, that’s when the heartbreak happens.

With death, there’s a few things that happen.

1. You either wear black for the rest of your life and are miserable thinking of the memory of a loved one that passed and lean on family and friends forever.


2. You feel SUCH guilt while attempting to go about living your life.

But what do you do when the person, your child’s future, that you’re mourning … IS STILL ALIVE?

Because that’s what you’re doing -to a certain degree-when the Autism diagnosis comes.

You’re mourning the typical childhood you thought your child would have.

Friendships, first kisses, sports teams, proms, and weddings… POOF, gone.

It’s traumatic.

And I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not. It absolutely IS TRAUMATIC.

Right up there with deaths.

Now, what do you do with it?

You have to FEEL it to release it.

Simply feel the heartbreak.

Feel the worry.

And feel the fear.

In short, feel it all.

​Cry, scream, punch your pillow, scream at God (like I did), love your child so hard, let it all out and feel it.

Then DECIDE to get to work. To be the best advocate you can be for your child.

​Because the only way to achieve that vision you initially had for your child pre-diagnosis is to roll up your sleeves and get to work… AND IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE

Your child’s life depends on it.



P.S. – Are you sitting there worried you’re not going to be able to help your child with Autism? This is what I help parents with. I help parents look at their child and feel confident they can change things for them.​ Book a Call to Learn More about this program!

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