Eloping is no joke and scary AF, here’s why

Eloping is no joke and scary AF, here’s why

Parents who are in tears because their child isn’t potty trained or communicating come to me for help. These are the top two concerns that parents have when they come to me.

But, when we get further into the conversation they talk about how their child is eloping, too.

Eloping is a serious issue and here’s why:

For instance, I know in the world of Autism there are more pressing and prioritizing issues that may be on a parent’s list of skills to develop for their child but in my opinion, eloping is no joke and scary AF. 

Reason being:

2 in 3 parents of elopers reported their missing children had a “close call” with traffic injury.

And in 2009-2011, accidental drowning accounted for 91% of total US deaths reported in children with ASD ages 14 and younger due to elopement.

More than ⅓ of ASD elopers are non-verbal and can’t communicate their name, address, or anyone else in their family 

This is some scary shit. 

And what I find is that when I work with my clients and we start to move the needle and see growth with getting their child fully potty trained and we start to see communication sprouting and moving in the right direction, then we really unpack the eloping. 

The fears, worries, tears, and truth comes out. 

Under all of the painful aspects of Autism, THIS is the most stressful of ASD behaviors. 

And with reason.

For instance, you are a parent of a child who is eloping, next Wednesday, February 23rd BCBA Melissa on my team- will be hosting a Champions For Our Children Autism and Elopement FREE Workshop at 6:30 pm EST where she will be going live to talk about how to stop eloping behaviors for your child. 

Do NOT take this subject lightly. 

Reserve your spot HERE and save the date. 

Your child’s future and life may depend on it. 



P.S. HERE is the Workshop link one more time. See you there. 

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