I can POTTY TRAIN your child in 5 DAYS OR LESS

Let me help you POTTY TRAIN your child in 5 DAYS OR LESS!

I’ve become the Autism Potty Guru. 

That’s what my clients call me.

A title I don’t take for granted and something I take pride in. 

The reason I’m an Autism Potty Guru?

Because of how I think about it and the process I put in place. 

You see, Potty Training is EASY to me. 

But, how is it so easy?

Because it’s a non-negotiable. 

What if there were no other options? Diapers, pull-ups, all of that had to go? Therefore, how would you approach potty training? 

Your entire approach would be different, how you think about it would be different, and there would be no other options. 

Hence, I’m hosting, for the first time EVER, a Potty Power Bootcamp 5 Day Event, where I’m going LIVE every day for 5 days training you, coaching you, and giving you absolutely EVERYTHING there is to potty train your child on the spectrum. 

Whether your child is: 

Non verbal 

Fecal smearing 


Has sensory issues 

Terrified of the bathroom or potty itself 

Disinterested in potty training

Still pooping in his pull up but he goes pee on the potty

And much more.

I’m here for YOU and most importantly, I’m here to get your child potty trained. 

It’s only $47. 

Sign up HERE. 

So, see you there. 



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