These 2 words are hurting you

These 2 Words Are Hurting You!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many coaching sessions I have had with my clients who tell me this .. and hint, I’ve already used it in this sentence…. 

These 2 words: I CAN’T.

For instance, I’ve heard:

A parent said I can’t handle having a child with Autism.

A mother said I can’t handle my child crying and screaming for hours.

I can’t get my child to poop on the potty. 

I can’t understand why my child isn’t talking. 

Above all, I can’t take it when she doesn’t eat anything besides chicken nuggets and chips.


So, when you’re too busy telling your brain you can’t, it listens. 

And when you’re too busy focusing on what you can’t do, you’re not spending your time focusing on what you CAN DO. 

So, how have you already been handling having a child with Autism? 

How have you already been handling tears and cries for hours? 

And, how can you get your child to poop on the potty? 

Can you be willing to understand why your child isn’t talking? 

Most importantly, can you be happy your child is eating something, even if it’s not what you had hoped? 

What CAN you do? 

For instance, when we can step away and shift our focus from lack to growth, that’s where we can see the growth start to sprout. 

And we keep it sprouting and going. 

Food for thought. 



P.S. Are you worried about your child with Autism? This is what I do, I help parents like you feel like they are doing everything they can to help their child live a life of independence.  Book a Free Strategy Call so we can put you on a path towards progress you feel good about.

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