You're one thought away from THIS

You’re one thought away from THIS

You have about 60,000 thoughts a day.

​I’ve worked with hundreds of parents with children on the spectrum and most of those thoughts are negative.

​For example, I’ve heard:

​”My child won’t ever be potty trained so as the result, I’ll be cleaning up poop for the rest of my life”

“I won’t hear my son say “I love you, mommy.”

​”My daughter constantly hits me and bites me, it’s exhausting.”

Worse ones I’ve heard are:

“We can’t go anywhere because I’m a slave to my own house”

“We can’t live a normal life because our child has autism and often makes a scene in public.

​I get it, trust me.

Negative thoughts like these will surely make you FEEL negative.

And since you feel negative, you will ACT negatively.

Meaning, you may:

​Not even attempt potty training (again).

Won’t allow new therapies or therapists in the home.

Won’t see actual progress being made in your child.

Take your anger or frustration out on your partner or spouse.

You may isolate yourself from your own Autistic child.

You may not go out or leave the house.

As a result, you create a result that you don’t want due to all of these actions. In the end, there will be NO forwarded momentum toward a life of independence for your kid.

​What’s interesting is that none of these things have anything to do with your child. However, it has 100% everything to do with you.

And that’s a great thing.

Because ​​YOU get to control them. You, for instance, get to choose what thoughts to keep and which thoughts to change.

You have to know how to evaluate your thinking. It would impact the thoughts that you currently have.

You can truly appreciate that you are one thought away from a new result.

What are you one thought away from?



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