Ep11 – The Parent Waitlist Mindset

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Join us on the Autism Mommy’s Potty Talk Podcast, Episode 11, for a mind-blowing discussion that will transform your parenting journey. 

Host Michelle B. Rogers, an autism mom and life coach, shares her powerful insights on mindset, miracles, and bending reality to create exceptional outcomes for your child with autism. 

If you’re among the parents waiting for an autism diagnosis or ABA services, this episode is a must-listen! Michelle dives deep into the challenges of waiting and how your thoughts can shape the future. 

Discover Michelle’s inspiring journey from a dark place to becoming her child’s hero. Learn how changing your thoughts can change your child’s future and unlock their true potential. 

Don’t miss this episode as Michelle reveals the secret to rewriting your story and guiding your child towards a limitless future. Tune in now! 

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