Ep21 – Autism Unlocked: A Path to a life of Independence

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Welcome to a special episode of the podcast, hosted by the amazing Michelle. This week holds a significance like no other in Michelle’s world because it’s a celebration of Juliana’s birthday, and not just any birthday – it’s her actual birthday week! To make it even more extraordinary, Michelle is treating us to not one, not two, but three remarkable podcast episodes.


But wait, there’s more! The excitement doesn’t stop there. Last night, Michelle hosted a captivating live webinar titled “Unlocking Autism: The Path to Independence,” and in this episode, she’s generously sharing the highlights with all of us.


During the webinar, Michelle unveiled the three secret keys that can set your child on the empowering journey towards independence. It’s a remarkable insight into the world of autism, and you won’t want to miss it.


The webinar was an absolute blast, filled with valuable information and heartwarming moments. You’ll have the pleasure of hearing Juliana’s sweet voice, insights from Armando, and Michelle herself coaching and guiding parents through the incredible journey of raising a child with autism.


So, sit back, relax, and soak in the wisdom and inspiration that Michelle and her team have to offer in this special birthday week episode. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback because this episode is sure to leave you feeling inspired and enlightened.

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