Ep27 – Living in Chaos

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“Hey there, parents! Today, I want to talk to you about something that’s all too familiar for many of us – chaos in parenting. So, let me share a recent consultation call I had for my group coaching program. During these calls, parents interested in the program tell me about their challenges and goals. But this time, something stood out.

I was on the call with a mother and father eager to help their son with potty training and communication. However, throughout the conversation, they couldn’t sit still. They were constantly moving, taking turns on the phone, and juggling various distractions. This was supposed to be a 45-minute Zoom call, but it felt like a whirlwind.

We all agreed that their child’s potty training and communication were top priorities. But here’s the kicker – their energy felt frantic and scattered. So, I had to be honest with them. I told them that while I believed my program could help, their chaotic energy was a concern. I’m pretty direct, you know.

The dad was taken aback and even offended by my comment. They explained they had three young children, all under five, and they had to make dinner during our call. Join me in this episode as we discuss why addressing chaos in parenting is essential for achieving your goals.”

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