Ep32 – A Potty Training Journey of 6 Year Old TWINS!

From This Episode:

Meet Angelina.


She has 6 yr old Autistic TWINS and other neurotypical children.




Her plate is full and she wanted potty training to be one thing she stopped feeling DEFEATED by with past efforts and failures.




Can you relate?

I love Angelina’s testimonial because it’s REAL and she’s still in it! 


She has a fully potty trained child when it comes to pee.




She has another twin who had terrible potty phobia but has since blasted through those fears and is now learning from their sibling to start the potty process.




No doubt she will get both of them fully potty trained and she knows it, too. 




Do you have a child (or twins) who you want fully potty trained?




We tackle this in my Champions For Our Children Coaching Program where I have a 100% success rate. 




Book a call HERE to learn what’s possible for you and your baby, too! 




Talk soon,






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TRANSCRIPT HERE - Ep32 – A Potty Training Journey of 6 Year Old TWINS!

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