From Non-Verbal and SCREAMING to Communicating and PEACE at home (video inside!)

Meet Tonya. She is a divorced single mother who has an Autistic Non-Verbal 4-year-old daughter.

Tonya came to work with me because she was handed an Autism Diagnosis and a ticket to services


she couldn’t get them because of waitlists.

She wanted to know HOW to help her non-verbal daughter to stop screaming, ask for what she wanted and sleep through the night.

Watch her inspiring story HERE. 

In my Champions For Our Children Coaching Program, Tonya learned how important it was to stop relying on professionals, family, and other people who are quick to tell you how to raise your kid or keep closing doors in your face.

She started saying YES to herself and her baby and NOW her daughter no longer tantrums, communicates her wants and needs and they’re living in a PEACEFUL home environment.

This is possible for you too when you join our program. I can help you and your child to get from Non-Verbal and SCREAMING to Communicating, bringing PEACE at home.

Start with booking a call HERE to speak to a member of my team where you can share your potty story up until now and we can tell you exactly how our program works and answer any questions you have. From there, we see if it’s a good fit and move forward from there!

I hope to talk with you soon!



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