From “why isn’t this working” to FULLY potty trained

How I can help you to get From “why isn’t this working” to FULLY potty trained

Why isn’t it working?

In the world of Autism, that’s often a question we ask ourselves.

Why isn’t the therapy working?

I’m doing everything I’m supposed to so why is my child not going to the potty?

“I’ve tried everything and my child is still nonverbal.

NOTHING seems to be working, right?

It causes us to start to get down on ourselves as parents. On our kid for not getting it or comprehending it and we start to feel like we’re up shit’s creek without a paddle.

Like it’s all pointless.

And we start to give up. We start to half-ass the process and throw the pull-up on, don’t set the timers to take them to the potty.

We absolutely lose our initial excitement and drive to get the job done and be pulled up free forever.

So we try something different or maybe read something new online and then when that’s not working, we get pissed off and upset even more.

Then we come to our wit’s end.

We feel DESPERATE because we, as parents, started “not working.” 

That’s because it hasn’t worked yet.

I see this all the time when coaching my clients, not just with potty training but with communication, eloping, and aggressive behavior.

They underestimate the time it will take or the effort it will take to get the job done.

So they started to quit on themselves, their children, and their goals of having their child fully potty trained and out of diapers and pull-ups forever.

But what if it WAS working the entire time? 

The irony is that you won’t know unless you continue working. AND keep deciding that it HAS to work.

Keep working until it does work and your child is fully potty trained.

From “why isn’t this working” to FULLY potty trained

Regardless of the time it took or the effort on your part.



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