How to make a decision for your child’s future

How to make a decision for your child’s future?

Have you ever felt indecisive about making a choice for your child?

Whether it’s the school to put them in, school or ABA or both, or medication, there are so many decisions when it comes to your children.

Yet when we make a decision in the present moment, we often GO TO OUR PAST to help us make that decision and that’s the worst thing you can do. 

Our brain naturally goes back and scans our past to see if we have come across any instances or similar instances that we can pull data from. 

Here’s the thing about your brain though whenever we try to make decisions, it catalogs all the bad shit when you’re trying to make a decision.

It stores all the bad things and your negative memory about it in order to keep you safe and in turn, our children. 

I’m not shitting on our brains. That’s a GREAT thing to have when we do need it but when it comes to making a decision for your child’s future we want to make a CLEAN decision, not one that’s been tarnished from the past because the past has nothing to do with your present. 

An example I want to share was with a client in our Masterclass. 

She was debating on putting her child back into ABA but because of her past experience with ABA, she was very RELUCTANT to doing so. Her decision was not clean because her brain went to the past where the BCBA and her child didn’t connect. There wasn’t great progress and based on what she shared with me, they weren’t practicing what I call -good ABA. 

Certainly, the cards didn’t stack in her child’s favor. 

Now, you know me and I’m Pro ABA-the RIGHT ABA but with her brain swaying her decision because of her past, it wasn’t allowing her to see that this time is different in many ways: 

A different BCBA or RBT would be working with her child

Different focus items and goals this time around  

Her child is in a different place than where he was before 

She knows now what to look for with ABA (with the help of our program and guidance) 

ABA is the #1 form of therapy for children with Autism and her child can get this therapy (again) 

When it comes to decisions make sure you aren’t ONLY making your decisions based on fear of the past. 

You always get to decide how you want to feel about your decision. 

How to make a decision for your child’s future?

Gather the FACTS and make a decision with complete love and trust for your child and their greater good. 



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