Ep7 – Non Verbal To Fully Potty Trained… at 7 Years Old!

From This Episode:

“Step into a heartwarming podcast episode where we journey through the past months, immersing ourselves in a remarkable story. 

We’ve had the privilege of connecting with an extraordinary individual, learning about Joseph, and becoming a part of their world. 

Discover their motivations for choosing this path amidst overwhelming challenges, and witness their evolution from distress to empowerment. 

We explore the transformative power of recalibrating and how self-care enhances their role as a mother.

Uncover the multifaceted support that defines our collaboration – from motivation to practical strategies – fostering a lifelong friendship and reliable resource.

In a touching moment, our guest enthusiastically endorses this experience for fellow mothers with children on the spectrum. 

This podcast episode is a testament to growth, friendship, and shared transformation.”

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