Ep10 – Rock The Waitlist

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πŸŽ™ New Episode Alert! 🌟 Presenting “Rock the Waitlist: Navigating Autism Services”

Hey, listeners! It’s Michelle here, autism mom and life coach. In episode 10 of “Autism Mom’s Potty Talk Podcast,” we’re diving into the crucial topic of navigating waitlists. Whether you’re awaiting a diagnosis or essential services, this episode is your guide to tackling the wait with confidence.

πŸ” Diagnosis & Services: Waiting for a diagnosis? I’ve got you covered. Learn who can provide that important diagnosis and set you on the right path. Already have a diagnosis and waiting for services? Tune in for valuable insights.

πŸ’‘ Insurance Updates: Stay informed about insurance coverage for autism services. We’ll discuss recent changes in Texas and Illinois, where ABA is now covered under Medicaid, and explore gaps in coverage in New York.

πŸš€ Taking Action: Discover proactive strategies for managing the wait. From crafting a resilient mindset to exploring alternative options, you’ll gain tools to navigate the waitlist journey.

Empower yourself and make informed decisions. Tune in now to “Rock the Waitlist: Navigating Autism Services” for a concise dose of guidance and support. 🎧 Let’s tackle the waitlist together! πŸ’ͺ🌈

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