This could be YOU

Hey! Meet Tonya, a client in our Masterclass Program who has such an amazing story to share with you today, see how this could be you…

My girl is back in school and is doing awesome!!!

It’s amazing the results and the “respect” you can get when you start channeling your Michelle’s and Stella’s Boss Mom attitude! I left the IEP meeting looking in my rearview mirror waiting for the police to come behind me to arrest me.

I had to toughen up and stand up for my girl! 

She is on half days but she is doing excellent. And the staff are finally seeing what I’ve been telling them for months… how smart she is!

The school doesn’t like that I’m refusing to put Mallory back in pull-ups. But I told them we’re committed to this potty training so we are not turning back. If we have to go through five sets of soiled clothes…we’ll deal with it.

I tell everyone it was a blessing to luck up onto your program because I was at my lowest and to connect with other parents with similar struggles and hear their stories of triumph was empowering!

To the family that’s pondering the dollar amount. I’m a divorced stay-at-home mom, money is always an issue but the outcome is worth the investment!

Seeing your baby happy and thriving there’s no dollar amount! Thank you so much!

Tonya OWNED that IEP and will continue to be an advocate for her daughter.

In our program, we teach you how to do just that-be an advocate for your child in every aspect of their Autism journey. And this could be you, too.

If you are ready to be like Tonya and ready to see your baby happy and thriving, book a call HERE to learn more about our Champions For Our Children’s Program.



P.S. – Are you worried about your child with Autism? This is what I do, I help parents like you feel like they are doing everything they can to help their child live a life of independence. Book a Free Strategy Call so we can put you on a path toward progress you feel good about.

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