Have you seen my program on social media like Rebecca?

Hi! Meet Rebecca. This die-hard mama simply followed me on social media and attended my Workshop. Here is what she had to say:

“Hi Michelle,
I am Rebecca – the proud mother of Brynelle who is 8 yrs old. Wanted to thank you, that’s why this email. We are based in India.

When my baby girl was born…. she was a normal baby and all was fine until she was 7 months old and started getting seizures. We rushed her to the hospital and for 4 days they did the craziest of tests and scans. 

It was the worst experience of my life…I can still see myself sitting there helpless…

On the 4th day…a neurologist examined her and kept saying her features don’t match her parents (I mean how is that even possible?)
We were asked to start with physiotherapy for my baby… I had the worst feeling in my stomach.. but if not me.. who would?? So we did physiotherapy till she was 2 and a half years old daily…

She had to be taught how to crawl, stand with and without support, and walk.. (things that come naturally). She was 4 and we had no diagnosis for her. After pushing for it.. we finally got to know what her diagnosis was.. she had an HNRNPU gene ( symptoms are global developmental delay).

Today, my baby girl is 8 and she does everything that an 8 year old does… except for speech which is improving daily, and potty training which has been the MOST difficult yet.

I followed you on social media (Instagram) and when you posted about the potty training hour I made up my mind I would not miss it for the world.

The time difference was crazy…it was 4:30 am in India.
Attended the happy hour and that was an absolute eye-opener from the beginning to the end.
Had made several attempts at potty training her.. but just wasn’t successful… I had given up completely…

I followed every step of what you mentioned….the land I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am…that this brilliant baby has started going to the pot to pee and poo …. pull-ups only at night…

It will stop eventually and it all happened in 2 weeks straight…..

​I cannot tell u how happpyyyy I am and how grateful I will always be to you...

The reason why I want to share this is that I have learned soooo much from a baby. Sometimes we take things for granted… Brunelle has taught me to appreciate the smallest of things…

​My only word of advice is for parents like me.. please never give up on your kids…there’s a reason why they have come into our lives!!!

Sorry for such a long email…but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without telling you how grateful I am to God for you and ur babies ..because. Which you are able to help sooooo many helpless people like us…God Bless.

Hugs and loads of love, Rebecca (A helpless person at one time…now an absolutely proud and happy Mother 😊😊😊) “

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  1. Tashondah Robinson

    My name is tashondah Robinson I have. A 4;year old Daughter who is diagnosed with autism spectrum. I am working on her potty training at home and with in her school she have aba therapy . I just want her to be able to tell me that she have to potty .. . and Learn how to go on her own ..

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