When it comes to your child’s Autism, THIS trumps all

When it comes to your child’s Autism, THIS trumps all

Last week I had the honor of coaching 50+ parents in my Potty Power Bootcamp week where I coached live for 5 days straight on helping parents get their Autistic children fully potty trained. 

What was so fascinating to me was that while coaching these parents, mothers in particular, there seemed to be this theme over the course of the week

And that theme was: 

When it comes to Autism, a mother’s intuition goes out the window. 

What’s even more accurate is that over the course of hundreds of mothers I’ve coached throughout my coaching career, the minute that Autism becomes the diagnosis, this theme sadly establishes itself. 

The theme of looking to professionals, therapists, and teachers versus your own innate instincts. 

Parents allow THEIR opinions and perspectives to trump yours. 

Mothers allow THEIR strategies to trump yours. 

You allow THEIR actions to trump yours. 

Oh hell no!!!

After all, nobody knows your child more than you. 

A mother’s intuition is never worth ignoring. In my opinion, it TRUMPS ALL, even science. 

When it comes to your child’s Autism, THIS trumps all

Next time you hear a little voice inside of you that says you should look into that ABA center, or that your child is ready to potty train, or that the reinforcer isn’t strong enough, or that your child shouldn’t use that communication device anymore, whatever it is… FOLLOW IT. 

Friendly reminder, you are the most important person in your child’s journey. 

Own it. Show up for it. Step up for it. 

Need help building that confidence? 

That’s what I’m here for. To help YOU follow that voice, take action from that voice and start getting the results you want to see with your child. 

From potty training to communication and everything in between that’s what I do. I help you to take control of your child’s future and teach you everything you need to know and show you how to turn the volume up louder on that voice. 

If you’re ready to control Autism and your child’s life, book a call HERE to work together. 



P.S. Are you worried about your child with Autism? This is what I do, I help parents like you feel like they are doing everything they can to help their child live a life of independence. Book a Free Strategy Call so we can put you on a path towards progress you feel good about.

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