A day I didn't see coming ..

A day I didn’t see coming…

Today we had Julianna’s annual IEP meeting. (That is an annual meeting with the school district to decide goals and placement for the next school year.)

​Educationally, she’s on par with neurotypical peers her age.

​Her writing, math, and overall classroom skills are stellar.

​For Julianna right now, her deficits are social in nature.

​So as you know, my attention to detail to this kind of deficit far surpasses a school district that deals with many varying degrees of special education students. To speak frankly, I don’t think the school district’s not really equipped to handle my BADASSMOMBOSSERY.

​A few days ago I had the pre-meeting with the team at school. And I know that you know by now I am a “spirited” mama bear. And so that conversation was “heated” to say the least.

​Going into the IEP meeting, we were all probably on edge.

Basically, I was expecting the usual…

​​a fight…

​a struggle to try and convince them to get her the services she needed…

I stated my case well, and we worked through ideas, at the same time, we will have even more collaboration between home and school teams.
All in all, I can say I was satisfied.

​​And THEN the Director of Special Education asked Juliannan’s Special Education Teacher this…

​​“Seeing Julianna is doing so well academically, what does the team think about her leaving ICT (Integrated Classroom Teaching) and putting her in a General Education Classroom for 4th Grade?”

A day I didn’t see coming…

​As soon as I heard that, my heart stopped. And I covered most of my face with my hands, trying to hold back the tears.

​I mean..this was in my plans for her.

I wanted this for Julianna at some point…I just didn’t see us arriving here already… today.

​At one point in time, I didn’t even think this was a possibility for us.

I can still remember the moment she was diagnosed. All the nights of tears, the moment I looked in the mirror and said “GET THE FUCK UP MICHELLE, SHE NEEDS YOU” flash before my eyes at that moment.

I burst into tears.

​​She’s ready and this moment we’ve been working towards just arrived.

​My daughter, Julianna was diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum last December 2014…

  • Who was Non-Verbal…
  • Who we taught Sign Language
  • Who I potty trained without language
  • Who made sounds-Who said 1 word utterances-Who began to speak
  • Who made sounds
  • Who said 1-word utterances
  • Who began to speak

In September, this child will enter the 4th Grade in a general education classroom with no in-class support.

​My daughter is not a unicorn.

​​This is possible for ANY CHILD… ANY ASD CHILD.

​I want to help you help your child to get there.

​For the blessings I received today, it is my mission to help as many babies as I can have the outcome that we had today.

​Let us do that for you.

​All you have to do is say YES to this possibility for you, too.

Book a call HERE to speak to a member of my team. This call is the first step in working with me to craft this future for your child.


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