If you believe nothing motivates your child with Autism

If you believe nothing motivates your child with Autism, I can help you prove otherwise.

This week I coached a few moms during my Potty Power Bootcamp who all had the same thought about their children…

“My child doesn’t have anything that will motivate them.”

I’ve heard this statement several times over the years.

Every time I hear it, I immediately get to work to disapprove it to the parents saying it to me.

There hasn’t been one time I can’t prove it untrue.

It seems harmless, and it feels real to the parents that say it.


It’s one of the most dangerous things a parent could think about their child.

A thought like this to me means…

🔥 Autism is creating limits for my child.

🔥 There is nothing more to do because of Autism.

🔥 I’ve white-flagged it, given up as a mother.

What I teach the parents I work with in my program is that thoughts like this left unchecked is like letting a toddler run around in your head with scissors.

It’s never about the potty tips or tricks that get the children of the families I work with Potty Trained (and I HAVE AMAZING GOLDEN NUGGETS)!

It’s all about what we believe as their parents.

Our minds are the gatekeepers to the POSSIBILITIES for our Child’s Future!

Do I believe my baby is capable of potty training and so much more?


Do I believe that Autism is a death sentence, stopping us from living the life I dreamed of for my child before the diagnosis came?

If you believe nothing motivates your child with Autism…

If you are struggling with thoughts like this and you’d like to be like the 100s of families I’ve helped, then click this LINK to set up a call to learn more about my coaching program.​


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xoxo Michelle.

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