When you let your Mommy Gut fly out the window (and how to STOP)

When your baby is born, you hold them on your chest, and for some mothers that instinct, or Mommy Gut as I call it, kicks in right away.

For others, being scared shitless eventually goes away and then the Mommy Gut kicks in.

You know, that little voice inside of your head that says:

-Baby is hungry, even when your partner is saying they aren’t.

-The baby needs to go down for a nap, even when your family members are saying they’re fine and alert.

-Baby is running a fever, they are likely teething but let me bring them to the Doctor just in case.

The Mommy Gut is that voice of instinct. The voice of trust, the voice of protection for your child that comes from the deepest place of LOVE .. but more importantly from this place of knowing that… 


And that Mommy Gut is also that voice that knew that something was wrong with your child.

That something felt “off.”

Whether the child you knew slowly started to erase from your eyes.

Whether the words you grew to love to hear, like your new favorite song, started to slowly fade away.

Or whether you noticed “odd” behaviors when your child played with their toys. 

That was all your Mommy Gut that drove you to the Doctor.

That drove you to the diagnosis.

And then something happened right AFTER the diagnosis.

Your Mommy’s Gut flew out the window. 

It happened to me, too.

At that moment everything you leaned on, trusted and led with when it came to your baby’s POOF, out the window.


I’m here to remind you that what you once led with like a compass IS MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER. 

You see, once the diagnosis comes, we choose to then lean on the doctors, trust the therapist, and cling to their every word like it’s GOLD. While we disregard our own instinct. ​

And the second this happens, our brains automatically now assume that this must be the best direction, the “right” direction for our child.

We make decisions from FEAR. From DISCONNECTION to our own Mommy Gut.

We stop being the Detective and start becoming the Damsel in Distress looking to be saved and for someone to save our child. 

The only one who’s gonna change your child’s future… is YOU!

With my clients, I teach you how to get back to TRUSTING your Mommy Gut. How to get back to LEADING with her AND making decisions for your child from this place… again.

If you’re ready to trust yourself, trust this journey that you’re on with Autism (whether you like it or not), and BOOK a call to speak to a member of my team.

To get the BEST possible outcome for your child that you so badly desire, you have to get back to trusting that Mommy Gut voice of yours again. Which is why this is the first thing we tackle when working with me.



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