Terrified about taking away the iPad? Watch this VIDEO!

Hey! I’m in the throws of hosting my Potty Power Bootcamp Week (a 5 Day Live training on helping you potty train your child in 5 days or less) and the topic of issues with taking away the iPad keeps coming up.

We are talking about using iPads as reinforcers for potty training and this is what parents are telling me this week AND what I hear in my Champions For Our Children Coaching Program:

“I’m afraid of taking away the iPad”

“She’ll burn down my house if I take it away.”
“I don’t want to deal with the tantrums if I take it away”

“He lives for his tablet”

“What do you mean to take it away!”

“I don’t want to use punishment like taking away the iPad every time they misbehave”

Watch this video to hear what I have to say about iPads and the stance I take on it or any other “thing” that has that much power over our kids and us too…WATCH HERE!!!

If you are terrified of taking away the iPad, you are not alone. This is what I work to help parents within my program.

To overcome their fears.

Overcome their own insecurities.

To Get the Big 3 (1. Potty Training, 2. Communication 3. Little to No Problem Behavior) GUARANTEED. 

In our program, we teach you how to do just that-be an advocate for your child in every aspect of their Autism journey. And this could be you, too.

Book your call HERE to see if you are a fit. 



P.S. Are you worried about your child with Autism? This is what I do, I help parents look at their children and feel certain they can change the future for them. Book your call HERE to work with me. 

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