Help! I have a picky eater.

This is Dramamine (motion sickness chewable medicine).  

We are on a road trip and my daughter Julianna gets car sick.  We tried everything up until this point. 

Musical seats in the vehicle, 

Frequent stops along the way for fresh air

pressure point wristbands.

Nothing worked and she always ends up throwing up. 

Our children on the Autism Spectrum can be very picky about what they put in their mouths.  I kept thinking this is what we have to try next but how was I going to get her to take these chewable tablets?

When I get stuck in my mental mud like this, I ALWAYS stop, take a breath and tell myself 

“no one is more equipped to solve this problem better than me.” 

When I think this thought my brain immediately searches forgoes out to find the solution. – and That’s when it came to me,  Do this as you get her to try new foods!

I asked my husband to pull over and I got out with Oreos in one hand and this orange pill in the other.  I opened her car door and showed her the Oreos and the pill.  She immediately started crying cause she knew that she’d have to eat the pill.  I took my time.  I waited for her to stop crying and I eased into it with her.  

The first goal was to get her comfortable with looking at the pill with no tears, then I had her touch it, sniff it, and tell me what color it is, then she touched it, held it, touched it to her lips, and licked it.  This stop probably cost us 30 mins on the side of the road but then it happened.  With the pill broken into 3 pieces, she took one, chewed it fast, and then chased it with water.  The whole car cheered and she got an Oreo!   The 2nd and 3rd pieces went down even faster,  and before we knew it we were on the road puke 🤮 free! 

If your baby struggles with vitamins and trying new foods, my picky eater protocol will teach you step-by-step how to do this for your baby.  Check out the workshop here!

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