When you worry "this is a Scam"

When you worry “this is a Scam”

Everyday I get a lot of messages from parents who are interested in working with me but are worried that this is a “scam” or another “get well quick” solution.

You might be concerned that this is a “GOTCHA” Program that will dash your hopes yet again and send you back to the sea of misery when it comes to your kids on the spectrum.

And every time you try something that you hope will be the silver bullet and it doesn’t work, your hope flame grows dimmer and dimmer.

It then unfortunately gets to a point that no matter what options are out there to help you and your child move the needle, you just DECIDE that everything is a scam.

I remember going to an Autism convention with my sister who was working in the field of Autism before I was married, had kids, or even knew what Autism was.

I was shocked to see all the obvious bullshit people were peddling at their booths.

There were the.. bariatric oxygen chambers, the fancy granola, the supplements.

Parents were desperate at this convention, trying to soak up all they could to help their child. This was well before the maturity of social media or the internet, so it was easier to sell crap. But even to me who was not a parent at the time, it was obvious that most of it was junk.

I am not going to lie to you, even today with social media, google, etc. there is STILL a lot of bullshit out there.

And just like you I’ve invested in some of it.

I was desperate too.

But the difference between the way I feel about it versus the people who believe “Everything is as Scam” is I don’t have shame about it.

Even though it was painful to find out after investing thousands of dollars or countless hours trying something to realize it didn’t work, it never occurred to me that I did something wrong or bad or fucked up and this is why…

Everyone has “theories” but no one knows why Autism is happening to so many kids all over the world.

And just like you I searched the internet for all the things to cure my daughter.

I even looked for the program that I offer today, that would tell me what to do every step of the way.

I found out through trial and error there is no direct path.

So through all of those investments….

All of my face first hits….

I figured out that I had to carve my own path, my own way to solve this for my child.

And because that journey wasn’t paved for me, I EXPECTED that going from A to B would be muddy.

I EXPECTED to take lumps.

I EXPECTED I would need to dig deeper to find the things that did work and to do this I had to wade through the bullshit….


Because that was the only way I’d find what DID WORK.

So when people reach out to me worried it might be a scam I get it.

But are you worried that this is a scam or EVERYTHING IS A SCAM?

Do you believe that something out there can help you or NOTHING can?

Could you believe that the reason I have been so successful in helping my daughter is because we stand on a STACK OF LEARNS (NOT FAILS) that got us there?

Could you take the journey too?

Could you do it shame free?

Because that’s what it’s going to take.

And that is the only reason my program EXISTS because I know where you are and how to get there and I DIDN’T STOP till my girl was thriving.

The biggest error you could make is to stop trying because you believe everything is a scam….

If you do that you will have a 10000% guarantee you and your child will go nowhere.

Deceiving yourself to believe that if you do nothing it’s better then doing something that doesn’t work… and well..

That’s the biggest SCAM there is.

xo Michelle

P.S. What if this isn’t a scam, and everything you’ve tried that hasn’t worked leads you right to this email and my program? If anything I’ve said resonates with you, hop on a consultation call to find out more about my program and see if it’s a good fit for you




P.P.S. Meet Rachel, Her son is thriving now in integrated preschool. She came to us for help with anxiety and overwhelm she was dealing with in trying to help her son succeed. He is 5 years old and she felt alone but didn’t know how to help him. She got clarity, the support and community she needed and her son has achieved the goals she wanted in this program!

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Michelle B. Rogers is an Autism Mom & Life Coach for Parents of Children with Autism. She is an expert in helping parents Potty Train and Improve the Communication Skills of their children, with a "straight forward" results-driven approach. Her mission is helping every child with Autism to reach their greatest potential by empowering their parents. She provides Autism Parents with the mental, emotional and tactical tools and strategies to help their child live as independent of a life as possible so they too get their independence back.

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