Ep2 – Why Not Hope

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Welcome to the Autism Mommy’s Potty Talk Podcast, where we dive into the world of parenting children with autism. In this second episode, we explore Michelle’s journey of coaching parents of pre-verbal children with autism and the transformative power of hope and communication.

Michelle, a dedicated mother and coach, is passionate about helping parents navigate the challenges of raising pre-verbal children with autism. In this episode, she discusses her motivations for coaching parents on this unique path.

Reflecting on her personal experiences, Michelle candidly shares her own journey with her daughter, Juliana, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at just two years old. Michelle details the progression from sign language to vocal scripting and the profound impact these communication strategies had on Juliana’s development.

Michelle opens up about the trials and tribulations she faced, emphasizing that ignorance, while not truly blissful, shielded her from some of the complexities she would later address. She acknowledges the energy and strength required to embark on a similar path.

Celebrating victories, no matter how small, takes center stage in Michelle’s narrative. She highlights the joy Juliana experiences with incremental progress and underscores the potential within every child, encouraging others to believe in success.

The heart of Michelle’s coaching program lies in fostering a supportive community. She delves into the significance of mindset and the importance of addressing the thoughts that occupy parents’ minds. While the community of parents is strong, Michelle acknowledges the presence of complacency and explores the fine line between hope and disappointment.

Michelle explores the delicate balance of hope in the face of uncertainty. She examines the fear of hoping and the potential for disappointment, while also championing the power of choice in shaping one’s perspective.

The episode concludes by unraveling the dichotomy of hope versus not hoping. Michelle shares the story of Juliana’s journey from nonverbal to embracing hope, even in the face of uncertainty. She introduces the final stage of grief—acceptance—and how it can be a catalyst for change.

To further engage listeners, Michelle offers a free 10-minute video training on potty training, showcasing her expertise and her daughter’s transformation from pre-verbal to using sign language.

Join Michelle’s quest for empowerment and understanding as she guides parents through the intricacies of raising children with autism. Visit her website, michelleberogers.com, for more resources and insights into this incredible journey.

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