Middle School Here We Come!

Middle School Here We Come!

Julianna’s Moving Up Day is today and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown and how much she’s grown.

She’s wrapping up 5th grade, and her 2nd year in a general education classroom with minimal support.

I can’t believe we are headed to Middle School but here we are!

I think about our journey with autism and the things I’ve taught her, the things she’s taught me, and how we are all still learning, and I am just in awe of this incredible gift of a family I’ve been given.

I wondered what the future would look like when she was diagnosed. She had language and lost it.

We had to teach her sign language, potty train with a sign, teach her how to create sounds and speak.

She went from the most restrictive special education to classroom to this chatty happy FUNNY girl headed to General Education Classes in 6th GRADE! I still have to pinch myself because I can’t believe this is the same girl.

But, now that I can look back, I thought what better way to CELEBRATE Julianna then to share with you a few things that helped me stay focused on giving her all the life skills she needed to thrive.

I hope these 4 things keeps you motivated to stay the course for your baby! xo

#1 – I put the thoughts about the future on the shelf. I found that if I thought about what was coming, what she might miss when she wasn’t talking, in diapers, or crying all the time it was too much for my heart.

It was also distracting me from the time right in front of me, in the space of what I could control in how I showed up in THE NOW.

#2 – I leaned into my faith. I prayed for Julianna and when she came my prayers were answered. Then Autism came 2 years later.

I thought of how I wasn’t living up to my part of the deal because the gift wasn’t “perfect” so I wasn’t ready to show up like I promised because “Autism” wasn’t what I asked for.

I remember thinking I am going to die one day and have to answer for the type of mother I was with the gift I was given. At that moment I recommitted to my role as her Mother in her life, her biggest CHAMPION.

“I had to give her everything I’ve got, no matter how the cards fell. When I am standing in front of the gates of Heaven and God was playing back the movie of my life, I wanted to be proud of what we watched.”

#3 – As Julianna gains skills I always move the target and aim higher. Many might think this would be discouraging or always work to do, but I never felt that way.

I WOULD ALWAYS CELEBRATE THE WINS, but that positive momentum I never wanted to waste. It had me asking this very important question each time we checked off the box of life skills like potty training, talking or stopping problem behaviors and it was…

“If she can do this, WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO?”

#4 – As we’ve been living a Next Level Life I never knew was possible, I have to remember that I have to start to release the reins more and more and let my little dove fly.

Sometimes I know as she flaps her wings she’ll fall to the ground, and when that happens I’ll be there as long as I live, loving her and kissing the boo boos away.

But… as she grows, she stumbles less and flies more.

She is my greatest gift.. My miracle…My most important job… my God Sent Girl.

At one time I cursed God for putting Autism in our life, ruining the beautiful gift of my daughter, to evolving those thoughts to PURE GRATITUDE for God showing me the path of helping to teach my girl and to then use that experience to help thousands of families like yours.

So as our family celebrates Julianna’s Moving Up Day, I’m filled with hope and excitement. Middle school is just another milestone in our journey, and I know that with each step, Julianna will continue to amaze us all.

I encourage you to find the space of PURE GRATITUDE for what you do have. Remember, every achievement, no matter how small, is a step towards independence and a brighter future for your child.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about the road ahead, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’ve been where you are, and I am here to help guide you through the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Xo Michelle

P.S. If you’re struggling as a parent of a child with Autism and finding it hard to teach your babies the life skills they need for an independent life, then you need to work with me!

Book a complimentary consultation call with me HERE. I’d love to hear about you and your child, see if you’re a good fit for my group coaching program, and show you how we can work together to make a difference in their life.

Michelle B. Rogers is an Autism Mom & Life Coach for Parents of Children with Autism. She is an expert in helping parents Potty Train and Improve the Communication Skills of their children, with a "straight forward" results-driven approach. Her mission is helping every child with Autism to reach their greatest potential by empowering their parents. She provides Autism Parents with the mental, emotional and tactical tools and strategies to help their child live as independent of a life as possible so they too get their independence back.

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