Problem Behaviors

When Stimming seems excessive

Our little guy is 6 years old, is pre-verbal and in ABA, speech and OT. He is slowly making improvements but it is so hard for him to sit still to play or focus. He seems to stimm excessively by either stomping around or tapping on books, puzzles or his chest. Sometimes his tapping seems …

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Hello, How do I manage my son screaming? I am not sure if it is because he is in pain (we are currently awaiting results to see if this is the case) or because I say no to things like television. I do not want to give in when I have said no but sometimes …

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How do I continuously support my daughter to stop hitting when frustrated or pulling one down when upset. She does this to our son and me.

Sudden Pinching, eloping and stimming.

My 7 years old son is hyperactive. It’s hard to get him sit and do an activity. He suddenly pinches us(mom and dad) without any reason. He makes hmmmm sounds that gets him undue attention at public places. How can I help him with these issues. Please help!


When I was changing my son for swimming lessons, he was slapping me and telling me to go away/I don’t care about you. He likes swimming lessons and does good job. I gave him a warning and he said he was ready to change. Should I have waited to put it on? Would that be …

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